Thursday, December 13, 2012


Yesterday was 12th day of the 12th Month in 2012.
In short 12.12.12!!! Yeeey!!!
Everyone said that it was an extremely important day,
Because it was the last sequential date we will ever see,
13.13.13, or 14.14.14 e.t.c are dates that will never be
Everyone made it to be such a big deal, in Facebook, Twitter,
text messages, and all social networks the whole world over.
Because everyone realised that it was the last repetitive date ever.

Everyone made a big deal of it except me, Yes, maybe I am I do have issues,
But the way I see it, everyday is a non-repetitive, each day is one issued limited edition,
each moment never repeats again in our lifetime,
Yes, we are only human, we forget and time makes a fool of us all,
but its important to remember, to treat each day with special care,
too see everything through new eyes like we are seeing it for the first time,
and see everything through wizened eyes like we are seeing it for the last time.

Life is measured in time. Lets make a pledge to make each moment count.
Sure we will have the big moments like 12.12.12 coming once in a while,
but everyday moments are as important as darkness is to the night,
Lets celebrate and live life in the moments, never taking anything for granted,
No one is promised tomorrow, no one knows what tomorrow will bring,
and no one knows when this charade will end, or where one shall meet death,
so let us rejoice in each day above the ground, in each day we are given a clean slate,
each day we can start over again, we can redeem ourselves of our sins,
we can forgive our loved ones for the pains, we can make a stranger our own,
Each day, we can start to love and live again.

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