Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear God: Direct My Life

Dear God, 

I am not even worthy to ask You for anything but I need You now. 
Please hear my cry and have pity on me, 
I have sinned and I know that You are aware of that, 
I am struggling here and I can't seem to fight back.

I need your help so stay with me and make me remember You;
as You have been remembering me. 
I need your love and everlasting mercy, make me love You;
as You have been loving me....and...
I'll fight for You, with every energy within me

It's not easy living at this point of time, 
too much gossip, slandering, and a lot of crime. 
I'm so scared I'll commit many of them, 
Please God, save me from any of them . 

I know I am mischievous, I know I am stubborn, 
so give me reminders and I will learn my lesson. 
I am a bit confused and sometimes lost, 
Please guide me so I won't be at a loss. 
I may be playful and very naughty, 
but I know that You know 
my heart that beats inside me has complete faith in You. 

My love for You is truly strong. 
I'll fight for you, although I've done wrong. 
These errors I've committed are lesson I've learnt, 
I thank You Allah, dear God for all the reprimands.
I know I am not worthy but thank You for still loving me. 


  1. Amen!! Thanks girl for this, i had committed a sin, and was wondering to myself how to "talk" to God about it.. This realy helped!! :) Amen Amen Amen!!

  2. You are welcome...I am always having weird conversations with God and He doesn't seem to mind so much. :)


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