Monday, January 23, 2012

From A lazy Intellectual African Scum

This piece has stemmed from another piece that has been circulating alot today and you can view it here:
and I put myself to task of answering a few difficult questions that are posed in this article...which I think anyone who wants radical changes for themselves and our countries, nations as a whole then we need to keep this article pinned somewhere the eyes can easily offends, it hurts, it questions, it enrages and when you are done feeling all that eruptions inside when you read it, you have to ask yourself, is it false? Or too alarmingly an accurate description of how we are "lazy intellectual scum"

I have to agree with how the piece starts, "they call the Third World the lazy man's purview; the sluggishly slothful and languorous prefecture. In this realm people are sleepy, torpid, lethargic and therefore indigent - totally penniless, needy, destitute, poverty-stricken, disfavored and improvised." Yet  I feel the need to add that all that laziness is set in a painstakingly beautiful place, where the wild animals walk free, the sun warms the heart everyday, the lands are rich with food and anything grows, the grounds - a horde of minerals accrued, the seas - a bountiful of blessings, God went out of His way to make sure we have everything that we can ever need and we are too blind to seek beyond the fullness of our stomachs. 

Sadly true that the poor uneducated people are the most hardworking people in Africa. It is the intellectual that are lazy. We are content with a false notion of the notoriety of our education bestowed on us - by hard working parents/entity who gave up every joy so that we can have it better. When we finally make it better for ourselves, we are arrogant enough to forget - forget what it was like before and ashamed of the very people who got us there. We work hard to create a phony sense of entitlement, of knowledge, that we are more deserving and better than everyone else - so we stop. We become contented to have risen above the mass where we can see the fruit dangling at the top but we don't bother striving to get it. 

Lords of Poverty - Indeed. One of my Economics teacher used to call it the "Big Man" effect that we all suffer from. So immersed in having the grandest car cruising on a road full of potholes, living in a mansion with neigbours from scum, having the newest accessories with relatives who have nothing to eat, spending  money we haven't earned to to but things we don't want so we can impress people we don't like-  living large but not living a life that matters. 

The Lazy Intellectual African Scum is a bold from the blue that blows up our unsuspecting sense of comfort. I believe that we need the to take the momentum of being flung back and flabbergasted to catapult ourselves into something different. Into change. Each one of us can relate to the article, we know what we must do, we know what we must change. As a person, you are but a drop in the ocean but if each drop took a stand, made a difference, something will give. Not everything will come to pass at once - but we can say that at least, as a  generation - we tried. 

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