Thursday, May 3, 2012

He Knows...He Understands...He Loves You!!!

Have you ever had one of those days,
when you try to kneel down and pray,
and you find yourself unworthy,
you find yourself being a hypocrite,
because you find yourself asking for forgiveness,
and you know you will do the same sin again?
you find yourself telling yourself that God
doesn't want to hear about your problems all the time?
You find yourself always asking things,
equating God with Santa Claus,
Have you ever had one of those days?

I am having one of those days,
when it all seems so helpless and I don't know what to do,
I find myself turning to God for advice on what I should do,
and I stop myself, I realise I didn't turn to him
when everything was going as it was supposed to,
and yet now I want to turn him into a divine bellboy,
to ask, and keep pressing for things I want done,
blessed are the pure in heart for they see God
because today, I am not that lucky,
I feel so disadvantaged, so full of problems,
and everyone seems to be taking me for granted,
I hate being taken for granted, so imagine how God feels.
Did I even remember to thank God today because
He didnt forget to wake me up this morning?

God's gifts put a man's dreams to shame
Yet we barely have the time to even remember his name,
God is good, He is with us all the time,
all we have to do is turn around -
to face Him, exalt Him, thank Him, worship Him,
because no matter how much we hide from Him,
He already knows;
No matter how we feel guilty and try to explain,
He already understands;
No matter how much we abuse and forget him;
He always loves us anyway.

Only God can help me turn my mess into a message,
transform my grueling test into a lasting testament,
so that my petty and magnanimous trials I become triumphant,
and make-over any victim into a sensational victory,
all we really have to do is have faith in Him.
Because in essence, Life is God's story,
I want to remember to let him write it, in all its glory.

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