Wednesday, May 9, 2012


He cheats. He lies. He sleeps around.
But her kids future are secure with him.
She has sacrifised her own happiness,
for her kids prosperity, for being called
a respectable woman. For being married.

It is easy for you to judge her,
for you to point fingers at her,
for you to laugh at her, because
you don't understand her dilemma.
You don't know its your dilemma.

She knows her man, and what he gets up to,
But he is a great father, supportive of her dreams,
Its not easy to give all that up,
and try to not poison her kids
against her husband, their father.

She knows how you lie to yourself,
that he cheated on you just once;
that it was a mistake. Here's a truth:
Cheating is a choice not an accident.
Falling off a bike is an accident,
but you don't trip and fall into a vagina.

So before you start pointing fingers,
make sure your hands are clean.
Compromise and sacrifice are
her crowning glory, she is waiting
out her victory. Patience, perseverance,
companionship, there is love there.

Years later, when her children
finally understand that she pawned
off her happiness in exchange for theirs,
they will love her always, they will treasure
her immensely, hold her in high esteem,
she will have found the love she has given him,
cloaking her when she hugs her children.  

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