Monday, October 15, 2012

Elusive Thin

As a society we are obsessed with "thin" and "skinny" to such a point that we have equated it with perfection.  I have traveled so long on the wrong side of the tracks I thought I was immune to pointless judgmental societal bullshit. But once in awhile...i slip and get sucked into the black hole of criticism and nagging stuff. Of-course let us not forget the double standard, its perfectly okay for a man to be as fat as he can be, because he is man. If he has a protruding belly then it shows that he has money!!! duh Yet a woman doesn't get a break, even  a pregnant one. So some of us go through depression because we have gained that extra weight and forget the little distinction that we are carrying a new life. 

So, it begs the question what level of thin is beautiful enough??? Because weirdly enough even skinny girls are feeling the pressure to be skinny. When you are too skinny, its not considered beautiful, and if there are one curves too many, then its too fat. The perfect balance is always elusive. 

Funny thing is we are not born with innate knowledge on body image. Kids don't care. Yet we are not satisfied with our flawed insecurities that we are planting them on our kids, it is becoming common practice to goad a child about weight in as young as four years old. Fat = ugly. Skinny = pretty. By the time the kids are tweens, they already want to look sexy and have an enhanced idea of fashion and whats hot. The journey to the Elusive Thin begins early nowadays. 

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