Friday, June 17, 2016

Which Child Do You Love More?

My friends say that I love my first born more than I love the second baby. When they told me this, I took a step back and reflected...and I didn't know I did it but had to take it as a given. To me it wasn't that I loved any child any less because a mother's love is whole no matter how many times divided...but I figure my favorite child at any given moment is whoever needs mothers love the most. I love them both crazy but I guess how I am with each child depends on the child youngest more independent child loves her space and the way I love her is giving her room to be and do whatever she wants but she always mummy is there when she needs her..My first born on the other hand is more clingy and we have endless conversations...and apparently I talk about her more so I give her what she needs also but also encourage her to be more independent...

Perhaps it is true, I don't love them equally, for one we can never measure love. But I try my best to love them equitably..both know that mama is here and love them like crazy...and at times I don't even like them, all I want is space to be alone and disappear. Being needed at this level is exhausting...but I wouldn't exchange it for the world. So I pose this question to you...which child to do you feel or friends and family feel that you love more?

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