Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Losing focus...

The lens on which I am viewing my world are blurred, out of focus.
Everything just seems so hopeless.
Someone please tell me what is the point, of living when we all die in the end.
What is the point of chasing the wind if we never catch it?
What is the purpose of everything that is going if I can't decipher the lessons?
I have compartmentalized every thought, every feeling,
but the walls I have built cannot hold the pressure of the impending breakdown,
the dam I constructed cannot hold the force of the salty water threatening to cut lose,
the facade I have put up will not be able to hold in place should you just;
honestly care about how I am feeling....and quietly feel my pain with you can ease it.
Don't you know that this smile is what is holding the tears in check?
My lens are blurred. loosing focus. and where I am heading there is no turning back. 

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