Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Old Love

Most people I know are looking for love. The lucky ones have already found it and are looking for ways to keep it safe.  As they love is just a four letter word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. We all want that perfect love, better than any love story that we have ever read. Love is so dynamic, no one really knows how love feels because its different with each person; but there are so many manuals out there which tells you how its supposed to feel, sometimes I wonder what if they are wrong? I want old love. 

I love new love, don't get me wrong. When you hear a song and only his name comes to mind? Or when you meet The Guy who helps you let go of the pain? Or when you cannot stop texting each other and you tend to know exactly what goes on in each others minds? Better yet when you can finish each others sentences. Or  you cannot quiet the butterflies in your stomach at the mere contact of skins - even if it was just a brush of hands. You start imagining in intricate detail the first time that you kiss, and when it finally happens its always better than what you could ever hope for.  New love is exciting with a tinge of adrenalin rush.

I think Love is a journey of two people travelling together, they may take different routes but they are headed in the same destination. Friends could travel together and on the way they cross the threshold into love. One cannot quite remember how it came to be, yet the process is ever changing if you can stay together. The love emerges. The love  grows, the love strengthens. It takes real strength of character to fall in love with the same person everyday. To make love to the same person everyday. To believe in the same person everyday. To grow with the same person. To build with the same person. To fight with the same person everyday. To have a family with the same person. To annoy the same person. It takes real strength.  Love is an act of forgiveness, a tender look that becomes a habit. 

The beauty of old love is that it requires no explanation, and there are boundless surprises if you can sit and walk through memory lane. Old love is more free, when you have been with someone for that long, through that many things, created lives, and live life more carefree. You have seen old people together, the rituals, one cannot eat without the other present, they don't really care how embarrassing they are, they have this infinite love and joy each time they gaze at their grandchildren, old love is stubborn as hell, it may even take up new ventures, old love does not judge, old love is golden.

That's why I have set my heights on old love. I want to create old love with my partner. I love watching my parents and his parents. With thirty years worth of memories and as mum say the love is only 5 years. The rest is mazoea. They always remind us that it wasn't always good, they didn't amount to all those years because they left when things weren't going well. They tell me you have to fight for old love. They fought hard for the exclusive rights to be so silly and to be right down embarrassing as they are now. To boast about how much they have been through. To be at ease. To know each other so intimately. To have the silent conversations in a crowd. To know each other's opinions in different matters. To let each other grow. To fall apart so they can appreciate when it gets better. They have earned their love, they have paid their dues, and they are the sages who are trying to show us the ropes. 

So my dear, here is my vow to you: 


  1. Wow! I think you already know what im going to say at this point!! Yet another master piece. Soo beautiful and intimate alike.
    One cannot help but stop in the middle of reading this passage and start imagining... that's what i mean when i say the writing is very intimate...
    Its beautiful indeed, we hope for love, noo... for old love!! Because after all, everything that is termed old has had to go through some "young-ness" ...

    1. ..thank you...i am humbled...its a long road to get there and people get tested for i just pray that i will be ready when my time comes...yeah young love is important to get you to old love... ;)


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