Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Journey

On my journey of self discovery and self love, I have met many companions, travelers, lost souls and
many types of people on different roads heading to the same destination...eventually the grave. As with any journey there are those who will help you and those who will hinder and I am still looking for ways learn from both. To be grateful to have both.

On this journey with myself I continually look for ways to love myself. To listen to myself. To heal myself. To put myself first. To validate my feeling. To be aware of the kinds of vibrations of energy that my body picks. To be true to myself. To be kind to myself and not always hurt myself's feelings. To nurture myself. To be more patient with myself as I stumble and fall and learn to pick myself up. To believe in myself. To be myself's biggest cheer leader. To take care of my health, mental, emotional and physical. I want to continually be busy to find ways to love myself as I am my longest commitment.

I have had to learn a number of new habits and unlearn many old ones. I now have to look at myself to provide to me what I need before I look onto others to do the same. I can't be broken inside and wait for someone to heal me - they do not understand where it hurts. I have to understand myself first before the feeling of being misunderstood crashes me. I have to be kind to myself and forgive me for all the ways I have been hurting me and allowing others to add to the pain.

Some people will always look for ways and reasons to bring you down. Others will always lift you up. But when you remain standing, that's what shows your true strength

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