Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blessed and Grateful

I want to be grateful for everything blessed me with...yet when I try I can't fully count how blessed I am...
I am alive- thank You 

I am healthy - thank You
I have two feet - thank You
I have a wild imagination - thank You
I have a family who care for me - thank You 
I have friends - thank You 
I am a Muslim - thank You 
I am employed - thank You 
I have a loving husband - thank You 
I live in a war free country - thank You 
The sun shone for me this morning - thank You 
I can hear birds chirping outside my window - thank You
 I have a heart and can feel things deeply - thank You 
I was well rested during the night- thank You 
I have food to eat - thank You 
I have my own place that I am converting into a home - thank You 
I have a beautiful mind which can vocalise my gratitude to You - thank You
...and the list is endless...

Owh I don't want to lie to myself and say I don't have problems, I do. But how else will I know when things are good if they never change to be bad? Of all the things being given our way and we are filled with unexpressed gratitude, that can also be a problem too. I mean if we shift our focus and see only those blessings that engulf us everywhere, our whole lives would take a new look.  I am sure God loves testing us so that we can push our own imaginary invisible limits we place on ourselves, I think sometimes He wants to see how quickly we will run to Him when we have problems, and will we remember Him when we are rejoicing? I mean if i am not grateful for what i have now how will i ever be grateful to future blessings yet to behold?

I like to always reminding myself that if it is good it will pass, and if it is bad it will also pass. That bad phase I am going through, something will give and it will get better. I will do everything in my power to make it better and leave the rest to Him. I like to console myself by telling me that one day I will look at all the past heartache and smile.

I want to be more gentle with myself as You are to me.
I want to be more forgiving to myself as You are to me.
I want to be more understanding of myself as You are to me.
I want to have more fun with myself as You try to remind me to.
I want to be of service to myself as You are to me.
I want to have more faith in myself as You have in me.
I want to be more trusting with myself as You are of me.
I want to try not to get caught up judging You, doubting You and Your will,
I want You to catch me always being grateful so You can continue bestowing them to me.

The road of life may seem long and with you by my side, I can travel it, the challenges are great but i can overcome them. God's blessings are always a big surprise, how much you recieve depends on how much you believe...and of course to who much is given much is expected.

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