Friday, February 10, 2012


As I struggle in my journey to persue "the success story of my life", I face many obstacles and I keep making many mistakes, I haven't perfected the story but the theory and guidelines are in place as I stumble through them...I want to keep building my foundation to be so strong so it  can support my multi-dimensional reach higher levels to achieve my fullest potential...

I am a graduate in economics, so i tend to think that way. We have this paradigm called cetris paribus (all things stay the same) its an assumption we take when we build on our theories...which brings me to my personal paradigm, that we cannot control everything. The only thing under control is YOU and more specipifically your perspective on whatever it is that is going on under any circumstance. So i try to compartmentalize everything into cetris paribus and deal with me. (and that is some tough work!!!)

Then there is fear, sometimes the fear of  regret and failure is what is holding us back. Making a fool out of ourselves, falling headlong infront of people you respect, the "I told you so" flunged at your face are the things that hold us I try to tell myself that failure is part of the journey to success - as long as I don't  make it a destination.

Energy, insight, being gentle with yourself as you change are key features in the success story I believe. It's not about where you are at, its about where you want to be. Sometimes the problems or challenges never go away until you work through them, that is life's way of equipping you with necessary skills that tend to become handy later on. There is a lesson in everything that happens to us, wisdom to be gained everywhere and gratitude to be expressed for every little thing. 

I think the beauty of success is not limited, any one person can define what success means for them. Success doesn't need to be limited to one aspect of life, but each of us needs to be clear what success means for them and write your own story. Once the story is written, we have to remember that it is not cast in stone, every day we have to do something, a little act of faith, a little reflection of where we are going is really where we want to be. 

Finally I want to say is that: Success is a straircase - not a doorway.

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