Friday, February 10, 2012


In order to be irreplacable you must always be different.
How can you attain different when you are faced with the same thing everyday?
Look at the melting chocolate above...begging to be paid some attention...
if you wait too will all melt and the taste will not be the same. 

I think this analogy would hold true in any day to day activity that we engage in..
be it the work place, the relationship, the cleaning...
the key is to find something exciting in the mundane...and its not an option
if you don't, you get stuck in the rut...

suddenly you won't be able to distinguish one day from the next, 
the most joyful things in life start to become a chore, 
the things/people you love become the things/people you use to love, 
the dreams become a distant memory, 
before you know it, you start questioning why you wake up everyday anyway!!!

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