Thursday, December 8, 2011


We all know about a balanced about a balanced life?? 
Most of us struggle with different at times parallel notions that we want at any given time. You  may want that latest stylish dress yet you don't want to be frivolous in your spending. You want the career, the fame, the adrenalin rush yet you want to stay humble. You want to be independent, have your money, manage your life, have your opinions and thoughts yet you care and value families and friends and their opinions of you; its like wanting to be dependent and independent.  
Most men think that women have it easier. They can multitask. Talk to you on the phone, be cooking, breastfeeding a baby, video taping her favourite show, keep an eye on the kids and have multiple to do list going off on her mind as well as thinking of the events for the day tomorrow. Men are daunted by this and are ultimately amazed at this capacity, they like to think that they have a one track mind and they can only do one thing at a time - or maybe three at the maximum.  
Yet in order to be truly happy its about juggling and balancing the opposites. Its about being both grounded and being able to soar to new heights at the same time. In short I think it is possible, if you plan yourself out right, you can manage to do most of the prioritized things in your life and be happy in whatever manner that happiness means for you. So don't limit yourself but do know when enough is enough and step away.  
In short, Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. 


  1. ....when rhythm is attained in life...juggling life would have evolved to a balanced life .... thank you my friend..

  2. are welcome...juggling, multitasking + any other variables = rhythmical balance...
    i don't like the boring balanced way...trying to make opposites work together and see how that turns out is waaaay better :)

  3. Balance is the essence of life. If you have too much of this, or too little of that. It just wont work out, you will still feel the gap.
    And thats why they say, saying you love someone aint enough reason to get married to them, what of the other components? Only when you have attained "balance" can you truly be sure!

  4. ...and i struggle with balance...everyday...its never easy..

  5. Sabs girl, had anything been easy, life would have been such a bore!! dont you agree?? :)


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