Wednesday, December 21, 2011


You cross lines and you don't think of the outcome,
You become disrespectful and you can't see the consequences,
You take what you want with no thought of anyone else,
You laugh at those in pain without assisting them,
You know no boundaries.

No boundaries makes you do stupid things,
Its comes from kids who never learnt the meaning of NO;
who became teenagers who rebel  and push boundaries,
who become grownups who have no respect,
of anyone's wishes other than their own.

Grown ups who fail to focus on the limits,
Who can neither read the hints between the the lines,
Nor find the meaning in actions of words unsaid.
And that grown up is you -yes YOU!!
So you better respect my boundaries before disaster strikes.

Let me spell it out for you:
When I say boundaries I mean more than my need for physical space,
My heart has a limit of what it can take,
The rules that apply to everyone apply to you too,
You are not above them- you will maintain them.

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