Friday, December 30, 2011

Surprise Me!!!

Dear 2012,

I am eagerly and very excited that you will be here in 2 days, so since 2011 is leaving me never to see it again, I am asking you to please surprise me.

When you come around, please lets do things differently. I am tired of the status quo, please help me in my efforts to change it.

I know you cannot promise me many things, because I may not be around till the end, but can we try to though? Can we try to be kind to one another? Can we try to be gentle to each other?

Can you try to make sure that you witness less suffering?? With you, can you remind to keep my promises? To check on old friends? to re-establish some old family ties which become forgotten in the fast movements of life?

I guess maybe I am asking for a lot, I have many things planned for the both of us and I hope you will agree, but one key thing in all of them...can you 2012, please surprise me????

Thank you,
Yours truly,
Sabra Machano


  1. hehehehehehehee I make sure the child inside of me never really grows up!!! its what keeps me sane ;)


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