Thursday, December 8, 2011

You vs. My Friends

Who are you to tell me what friends I can have and which ones I can't? You were meant to be there throughout my life to help me transition into a woman and be that bride. No disrespect but where were you when i needed advice when guys started coming on to me, you didnt help me with peer pressure; I had my first heartbreak and my life shattered, and i glued up all the pieces together and my friends urging me to move on and that life has much better things in store for me.

Where you judge me because of how i dress or the kind of friends i have; they just accept me, they know me understand me and accept me as I am and have been through hell and back with me. Guess what, when i first got the butterflies when he asked me out, my friends knew. They gave me the heads up and told me he was a keeper, they told me to be real and accept the beautiful love that has been blessed into my life, through their eyes, supposrt, i started to shed my insecurities and tentatively explored into this that love has grown so much that it is consuming me, its part and parcel of everything that i am and more. When I have that tinkle in my eye, my friends can guess what is the cause, and when i call to tell them that nothing is wrong, they take the first flight out and be there for me...

My love and I have already made the declaration to Allah, to our parents, family, friends and the whole world...and you tell me that friends are the worst thing in a marriage, that I shouldn't trust them, that they should have time limits to when they can come into my house, how long they can stay and if they can get to know my husband. Is it okay if I tell you that I am only listening to you to be repectful, but really what you say - i shall not follow. 

How can you accept some things in the world as they are and yet remain so rigid in others? especially in places that matter...I love my friends, they are my pillars, sometimes i lean on them and sometimes it feels to just know that they are there. No matter what you say, I am never changing that - and he doesn't want me to either. 

1 comment:

  1. And you shouldn't! :)
    Life is too good to listen and act on every little thing everyone says. After all, you have made it with very little or no support from 'em.


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