Friday, December 23, 2011

DAR Floods

The effects of heavy rain in Dar-es-Salaam  City...leaves a number of people homeless!!!
Alot of people remained trapped in own due to the main bridges to the outskirts being flooded. 
A reported of 13 people have died due to this disaster!!!
Whether this is a natural or man-made disaster leaves to be seen!!!

The people affected are solemn...
many have lost everything in terms of belongings...
lives are at stake...its a somber mood.

efforts at retrieving those still left behind...
Yes..this is Dar...and a boat is what is needed to retrieve 
those still missing...

The president had to return to from his leave in light of this national disaster.
He must have a lot in his plate...being the one president ...
...who has faced many disasters during his stay in office..
the bomb explosion in Mbagala (twice)
MV Spice sinking in Znz
scandals in the government and a lot of publicized corruption
and now floods!!!

It is a situation of superlatives they say: flash floods due to several months worht of rain in 72 hours, including the highest rainfall ever recorded in a single day, have caused the worst floods the city has seen in 57 years!!! Thousands are homeless, much of the city has been paralyzed with damaged roads and power outages.  
Who is to blame? 

  • The governments blames residents that have been warned not to construct homes in low lying areas.
  • Lazy engineers that have been told time and again to fix bridges.
  • The government itself has been warned about blocked drainage systems...
  • and allowing big new developments that don't pay attention to flood risks.
  • The Tanzania Meteorological  Society apparently issued warnings of high rains that were ignored by everyone!
What Will be Done?? 
We have yet to see what will be done in light of what happned....If anything that is. 

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