Monday, December 5, 2011

Unsaid Words

Life is short and there is no time,
to leave things unsaid is like diamond in the mine.
The unsaid is left unexplained,
falling on deaf ears and empty dreams unrestrained.
The less you talk the more it hurts,
how many times do you need to tear me apart?

I knew the time had come to let go,
when all you cared about were your walls and  ego.
Nothing hurts more than being ignored,
I poured my heart out to you from the deepest stores.
You could fill a book with words I said,
You filled me with grief by words you left unsaid.

Behind my smile was a hurting heart,
and behind my laugh I was gradually falling apart.
I wish I could have given you my pain,
so you could see all my senses that you have maimed.
Those wounds didn't seem to heal,
They kept oozing with pain that was just too real.

I'll be owkay?
is that what you want me to say?
there is emotion behind my "I don't care"
my soundless cries are what you don't hear.
My silence is my loudest cry,
I am too wounded to mend ignoring you is all I try.

I make no apologies bloke,
For how I choose to repair what you broke.
love is the only covering on all my pain,
and makes me feel whole and wonderful again.
The agony that I am feeling,
donesn't compare to the joy thats coming.

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