Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Greatest Speech Ever Made

One of the most inspirational speeches in recorded history was given by a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin. 

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  1. Oh my God Sabs, this is amazing!! Its incredible!!
    For a moment there, i feel my blood stopped!! Its soo true, yet - we are all soo engrossed in capitalism - its all about me? My this, my that. People die with millions in their bank accounts, for what you wonder? Others have 200 pairs of shoes, while others walk bare foot on thorns. In some parts, people have soo much money not knowing what to do with it, yet others dont have a dime to buy a slice of bread... ? Sometimes, you sit and wonder, and think, and ask, and ultimately just hope that you can do all that you can to help cure the misery, and mostly that you may not be like the rest of the world...


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