Monday, December 5, 2011

Perfect Crime

Wouldn't it be a perfect crime, if I stole your heart and you stole mine?
Better yet what if we planned this properly so the operations will go smoothly,
we will discuss all the hitches and plan for any emergencies..
In our perfect crime I will go undercover and learn everything about you,
so I can uncover all the tools necessary for me to gain access to your mind,
which will help me make connections and infiltrate all your fears, any old skeletons,
any failed dreams, any smile cloaked in despair, any resistance my presence will meet,
As I enter the dark crevices and meet all your phobias, I will advance with care,
so as not to create any permanent damage while I wipe all of them clear.

I want to advance slowly through your thoughts, swimming in them from breaststroke
to backstroke, until i can tread slowly and earn your respect, your faith,
I want to have a blue print of all the places I have encountered, so that I can safely
come back when the time is right for us to indulge in passion with fire burning in
our skin, blood flowing through our veins and adrenalin thumping in every terrain,
this has to be a perfect crime because if we get caught there is no escape,
no steel bars can equate the magnitude of heartbreak and anger, no sentence will
ever suffice if anything goes wrong, it has to be right, I was meant for you and
were meant for me, you the yin and me the yang, we shall forever remain strong.

The heist has to go smoothly, and we have to work together against any external
influences bent on turning us against one another, against our happiness,
trust - that when you jump I will always be there to catch you or break your fall,
Did I tell you about that one time when we were together, and I was basking
in your aura, and your presence, enthralled by your beauty as you slept peacefully
against my chest, your soft warm breath making my nerve ends stand and you
whispered in an undertone that you love me and you want to always be with me,
captivated by your admission i was spell bound by the number of times your heart
beat softly in each minute, your breast heaving slowly with each breath, contentment
and peace in your face, and your body hugging mine tightly in a warm embrace.

I knew the time was right, no matter the number bounty hunters disguised as well
wishers who are trying to separate you from me, no matter everyone who is telling
me that you are not good for me, I am ready. After all the preparations, after the
incessant studying, after all the missed trials, I can't cover all the weak points because
that's what makes me want to protect you all time, but I will disguise them so they appear
whole to other naked eyes, I know the lay of your body because its imprinted in my mind,
each crevice, each landmark, each hole, each pattern unique and wholly mine,
I have a blue print of your heart, you handed it to me for safe keeping, and I will
store it not in a safe where you need numbers for a combination, but I will combine
the number of times I am grateful for your faith my heart will store yours,
ask anyone, it doesn't matter how how thin your escape is, as long as we can get
away together winning is winning, so the punishment for this perfect crime is
to forever be locked away together, in wedlock, to endure till the end of time. 

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