Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hang In there...

Sometimes things are difficult and it seems that they will only get worse. As you are daunted by the task of choosing between two very difficult decisions, I ask you to trust. I ask you to prioritize. I ask you to put yourself in the other person's shoes who needs your help. I ask you to really think hard on which is important, a job or a friend, in that instant. I ask you to remember, that time never comes back. 

Sometimes we trip ourselves on our own flight. Sometimes we limit ourselves because we burden our abilities with too goals to be reached which we are not even sure will result in the fulfillment that we seek. 
My dear friend, I want you to always remember this, that you have to love people and put them first before you love things. Even if that thing is your education, your job, you sense of success - but put a person, a friend first, always. Coz in this life nothing is definite, but the world is round so you can always bet what comes around goes around.

I have no right to judge or point fingers, or decide for you, all I ask you is to give me a chance so that I may influence your thoughts, clarify them, allow you to see them thrown back at you. Have you ever experienced the humbling effects of spending time with someone who is able to inspire you to be a better person without trying them even trying to influence you? That is what I am trying to do here. 

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  1. But sometimes, its like you have two roads, both with the same path, and you have to decide which one you have to take... and wishing that you'd have a peak at what the end of the road looks like, or look around and hope that there would be someone to hold your hand and promise you that neither is perfect, and only depends on how you decide to take what comes along... sometimes, life just throws things at you, and your like, really??!! Again? What am i to do?

    And worst, just when you feel you have made the "perfect" or "right" decision, that very decision comes back and slaps the reality back at your face. No matter how cautious you really were? :(

    How you sometimes just want to scream as loud as your lungs can because you are soo frustrated!? Yet you ask me to hand in there...? What is "that" im supposed to hang on to?


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