Monday, April 30, 2012

Transport You In My World...

With each written post I hope to bring you a little closer to my world, shed a little light on my madness, dare you to bungee jump into my thoughts, or idyllically sail into my realm. I have no set list of things that I confine myself to, I just want to challenge you, to inspire you, to anger you, to propel you, to touch you, and to never leave you. Have I ever managed to transport you to a moments that as you read my poems, its as if the world does not exist?

Some people laugh at my attempts, they think its easy crafting pictures with words. Moving someone away from themselves and to experience another reality. To challenge someone to view the world from the end of telescope. To imagine this generation as one full of possibilities, keeping all the rough edges in their natural glory. To accept the mistakes we make, the lessons we learn and some we forget.

But not you, if you are still reading this, you have found something in these words. Some meaning. Some reason. Something. So hold on tight, for an awakening journey as I transport you into my world. 

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