Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Being Alone

Never expect. Never assume. Never demand. Let it be. If it was meant to be - it will happen. 

It hurts alot when the person who made you feel so special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today. 

When you let go of someone's hand, don't be afraid to be alone for a while, wait and be patient. It's because someone in this world will find you soon, someone who's hand will fit yours. 

You have to let go when you feel that you are hurting too much. You have to give up when love is not enough. You have to move on when things aren't like before - because there is someone out there who will love you even more. 

Being alone and being lonely are two different things. Even if you are one, you don't have to be the other. 

The worst thing in the world isn't being alone. It's being surrounded by people who make you feel like you are alone. 

Being alone is very difficult. It forces you to be with yourself. 

We truly realise that we are alone when we need others the most


  1. And its the most terrible, difficult feeling of all... i guess..

    Sometimes, you just sit and wonder, at the very truthfulness of the very words you said... "It's because someone in this world will find you soon, someone who's hand will fit yours." ... realy?

    Sometimes, it might feel like a very far fetched "dream"... as if to say, youve tried to do all the right things, be the right person, and still, its either you land the most wrong person who ends up blending your heart without a second thought or someone who just doesnt create the magic!

    Time ... oooh Time!! If only we knew...?

  2. ...and when you are constantly in this state...its sooo flipping annoying...and you are soo right and the comment so insightful


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