Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Night and Day

When I think of us together, the way we run around after each other,
the way we brush off each other's influences, the way you try to show
the world that you don't mean as much to me as much as they think,
the way I think your petty trials to hold my attention are pathetic,
the way you go out of your way to look good in my eyes is vanity,
the way you try to pour your heart out like poetry is laughable,
the way I am so sure that I will never ever be held into your arms -
I am reminded of night and day, always right next to each other,
one will always follow the other, one always starts as the other finishes,
but determined to outrun one another, to outshine one another,
to chase one another, to never meet each other til the end of days.

Just as at the end of the night, it gets darker and light comes through,
so it is true that the light must diminish, so that darkness can engulf it,
my beginning is not your end and your end is not my starting point,
yet just like how the day was created for you to appreciate life,
to live life, to search for a better living, to appreciate all that you've been given,
so must the night give you time to rest away, to put all your problems at bay,
to relax, to see in introvert how the struggle is providing a fresh start,
then the night must blanket the sky in darkness like how your brain encloses
your mind in blankness so that it may rest, so that tomorrow you will find
the strength to do it all again or give it a try. So my end is your start.

Just like the day, starting with sparse sunshine, kissing my temple here and there,
before it starts burning, scorching making it impossible to go anywhere,
you use to always hold me, always understood me until you made me cry,
tears running down my face like the rain drops falling from the sky, even if
you strain to see where they start you cannot, but they fall down to touch you,
and you hide under the umbrella, inside a house, anywhere safe and sound,
so you do not understand the immeasurable depths in which my tears start to flow,
tucked away peacefully in your own imaginings, in your own world.

When at last you try to kiss my lips as the skies kiss the horizon,
you do not know where to start or where to end, and before you can fully
comprehend the situation, night falls, darkness slowly but surely steals into
my heart, and you try a feeble attempt to lighten my moods as the starts
litter and glitter the night sky. NO matter that there are billions of them,
what I really need is one thing from you, your heart. Like the moon
lights the night sky and radiates energy and light, I need your love,
your laughter to chase away the gloom and fill my heart with happiness.
But we are doomed to always chase one another like night and day,
sure that the other will always follow but never meet - not in this lifetime anyway. 

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