Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It Feels Wrong...

It feels wrong for me to write about things I don't feel. Sometimes I am so sad, so angry, so bewildered and I force myself to remain calm, and fake a smile on my lips that doesn't reach my eyes. 
It  feels wrong for me to write about happy moments, about love, about moving on, about being okay with being who a person is, embracing flaws when I don't always practice what I preach. 
It feels wrong to keep hoping for things to change without doing anything about it, to burden God with how I feel, with my tribulations when I can barely find moments to give praise and thank for all He has given me. 
It feels wrong the way things always seem to favour the people who don't deserve them, the way the bitch at work is the only one getting all the recognition when we all tried to chip in. 
It feels wrong for love to be so sour, for tenderness to be so bitter, tears to taste so sweet when you embrace me and ask me to hold on, to have faith, to find inner peace, to be strong; it just feels wrong. 


  1. OOooooh my!! This is such a true tale of how many of us feel!

  2. ... Yet you have to bear(or is it bare -- i confuse these two words a lot, and im too lazy to google the real spelling!! :)) with it any how.
    and you have to live with that bitch... and it has to feel soo right in the midst of it all!

    Indeed, thats how life is, sometimes, feels soo wrong, but then you just have to find your own way of making it just right!!

    Its these bitter sweet, tough, competing, humiliating moments that wake us up to opportunites that are soo broad and realities that could not have otherwise been seeen...

  3. and PS: There is something in that look -- those eyes that are more than enough to express all that you said and more... it reached out to the bottom of my heart.
    I have a thing with eyes -- did you know that they can speak more than words can even come close to?


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