Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Lost

I am sick and tired of the way ignorance reigns, 
I am sick and tired of girls who think that being attractive is an occupation, 
I am sick and tired of people who refuse to move on from the past, 
I am sick and tired of the way we hold memories and not memorize those who hold us, 
I am sick and tired of living in a dirty and filthy streets and our houses are clean, 
I am tired of people pretending to care and only want a first hand account so they can spread it, 
I am so tired of parents forgetting their places and treating young kids like friends, 
I am tired of people like me who have so much potential and may not realise it, 
I am sick of the system put in place that institutionalize your mind and clips your imagination, 
I am sick of hearing that youths are the next generation when the elderly refuse to give them a chance. 

I am fed up with my anger that cannot be contained and poisoning me from within, 
I am fed up of telling people that things will get better when I don't believe it, 
I am fed up of always trying, always falling, always getting punched back down, 
I am fed up of thinking, of hoping of imagining that things will get better, 
I am fed up with myself for believing a new day may be different and history repeats itself, 
I am fed up of being helpless, of not having the tools to change your situation, 
I am fed up with rich relatives who pretend to care but know your problems just for a laugh, 
I am fed up with the political name calling and no one taking this poverty seriously, 
I am fed up for not believing that ten years from now, we will have achieved some development, 
I am fed up of being a girl, having beautiful words, heart and no one will listen. 

I don't want you to get me a glass of water I want you to feel my thirst, 
I want you to know about all my failed relationships, all my heartbreak, 
all my dissapointments, all my anger, and love me like I am whole, 
I don't want you to agree with me I want you to understand what I am about, 
I don't want you to illuminate my problems I can shine on my own, 
I don't want you to try and change me I want you comprehend what I am changing, 
I don't want you to appease and dry my tears I want you to hear my grief, 
I don't want you to judge me on falling short of expectations, I want you to reach my standards, 
I don't want you to just read my writing, I want you to know I am creative, 
I don't want anything from you, I just want you to find me when I am lost. 


  1. And the minute you keep all that in your mind, you might end up being one stressed person.
    I think the best way to be is just accept those as part of our lives, our beings and then , maybe then will all those seems like water under the bridge.... Life is just soooo interesting to be able to fully comprehend it... people on the other hand,i just fail to define. We are our own specie which im sure no one to date has succeeded in defining.

  2. ...and that is in itself the damnation and the miracle...but get a new day everyday...


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