Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You Make Me Wanna Say, "I DO"

I have a bad habit of falling too hard too fast,
I always end up getting hurt, and I think relationship sucks,
I should just give up and get into a relationship with my bed,
no commitment needed, we just sleep together every night.
But you stole my heart, so I want to steal your last name.

Everyday is a different day, more sadness coming my way,
every heartache, every blow, and words you don't mean to say,
each one more painful than the one before yesterday,
You didn't mean to abuse me everyday, loving me is all you do today,
Blissful is my world, not quite complete until when I am with you,
Eternity is not long enough for me to pour my heart out to you.

I am  mad at myself - not you; mad for always being nice,
for getting attached, for making you my life,
for depending on you, wasting time on you, for thinking about you,
for always apologizing for things I  didn't do,
for dreaming you will change, wishing you will, knowing you won't
but most of all, mad for not hating you, which I should but I can't.

I am not worried we fight all the time, I worry when it stops,
because it makes me feel like I am not worth fighting for,
I can bite my tongue forever while you try to find yourself,
You hide behind the violence, but inside you ache,
You don't mean to hit me, hurt me, even when I turn black and blue,
I know everyone says I should leave, but you make me wanna say "I do".


  1. ......the voice.....of the voiceless thoughts....i love...

  2. ...i try to challenge myself more...to see things from others perspectives...


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