Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Wish...

I wish I didn't live in one of the world's poorest economy with the world's richest reserves,
of soil, tanzanite, gold and warm, friendly, and peaceful people.
I wish I didn't have to vote to put anyone in power, let the politicians squabble alone,
so that I won't feel too responsible when they misrepresent me and pledge their own cause,
I wish that every minute a child didn't have to die, because we can end malaria.
because if we really wanted to, its quite easy to save a life.
I wish that we could appreciate the beautiful environment we live in, a world class destination,
because to most of us it is just a place where we struggle daily to end our deprivation,
I wish that the rich could stop getting richer and the poor getting poorer,
so that before the street beggar doesn't becomes a thief and kills the rich man's kid.
I wish there wasn't so much to do, so much to work for, so much to live for,
very little to die for,
I wish there were a bigger requirement, a pre-requisite to be a part of this nation,
instead its just the cards I have been dealt with since birth.
I wish I wasn't such a coward, that I could face change, bearing my sword of perseverence,
cloaked by my shield of determination to only move forward,
I wish I was more than just a writer, scared of the possibility that this writing may hold for me,
I wish I wasn't this afraid to face up to my destiny.

1 comment:

  1. and i wish that we would all just stop wishing and started doing a little bit more,
    stop imagining perfect worlds, and start making better what we have in hand...
    stop being caught up in the most senseless things in this world (like the sizes of our waistlines, the broadness of his chest, the size of my house, or type of you car, his faith, her friends...) and instead, worry about the little things in life that matter... Like happiness, helping one another, caring for each other...

    If wishes were horses they say..! aaah, id have an entire clan of them!


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