Thursday, April 12, 2012

If I Should Have a Son...

If I should have a son, and he has every right in the world to call me mum, 
I would want him to know that he is always allowed to follow his dreams,
he can sail to the furthest shores and I will always be his anchor, grounding him,
he can fly to across the universe chasing them, marking his footprints on the milky way,
and I will be his trampoline, always there to cushion his fall, because my son he will fall,
and I want him to know that no matter how many times he falls, I want him to get back up,
he is allowed to cry, my baby has the  right to express all his frustrated emotions,
because a real man needs to understand how he feels before he can understand someone else.
I will tell him that this life will hit you hard, try to break your spirit, and as he rises up,
life will hit him again, trying to break his resolve, because that is the only way to truly find out
what it means to fight for what he believes, and for the impossible to be achieved.

I will teach the history of our ancestors, their strife, their struggle, their slavery and their revolution,
so that before he takes for granted everything he has, he will always know that he is blessed,
I will teach him to love people, all people, to be kind, to have empathy and to care for others, 
because if he does and his turn comes to taste strife, because for sure life will test him,
so when life does tests him, he will always find a helping, a kind smile and a pick-me-up,
so he must learn to forgive mistakes, forgive others and forgive himself.
I will tell him baby, be curious, be adventurous, I want you to try and find the cure for cancer,
or reach out to others beyond you borders, and find out as much as you can about this world. 
I want him to always speak his mind, something even his mothers is scared of doing at times,
but he is his father son, and he should try to be himself no matter what.
People will hate his big eyes, filled with wonder, hate his heart resounding with compassion,
and they will try to throw him hatred disguised in concern, feed him coldness sprinkled with fear,
but I will teach him to rise above it all, to prize his innocence and inexperience. 

I will tell him baby, I gave birth to you as well as your sister, so you are equal,
there will be no preferential treatment because you are a boy,
I will make him do the chores, so he can appreciate the work a woman goes through,
he is her protector, her shield and together its an amazing power they yield.
I will point to him the harsh realities, of other men who beat on their wives,
who abandon their children, who never want to make any sacrifices,
it is imperative that he understands that being a man is more than being male,
and he has to try and get it right, he has to find a woman who will be his equal,
his companion, his compass, his shoulder to lean on, his arms to carry him, his balance,
I will also warn him of women he needs to stay clear of, the ones who are easy on the eyes
are not always easy on the heart, his woman is not to be shared with his friend,
and no matter how hard he tries he cannot change her, so he should be more careful when
he chooses her, I will always be there when his heart is broken, try to comfort him,
mend him so he can go out there and do it all over again.

And baby, always remember that money is not the cure to your troubles in the world,
the most important things in life cannot be bought, even though money helps, 
hugs, smiles, love, laughter, good memories, cannot be bought,
He can go and see the world, but his friends and his family should be his North,
so no matter how far away he travels, he can always find his way when he is lost.
So he should cherish the friends he makes, keep them close,
Never to forget his roots, his family and the place he calls home,
to always hold family in high esteem, no matter how annoying or irritating they are,
he should always be good to them - because his momma will not live forever,
and the world is harsh, he must look after himself, keep people close,  
to always remember there is an Almighty watching over him.
Although others will laugh at his idealistic view of life, I want him to laugh
at them and look at them in the face and say, "Wait till you meet my mother!".


  1. This is so sweet to read Sabra, please implement the poem as it is!! Give your child the best you can (You are expecting i assume. . .) A baby is the most beautiful gift i have ever received and being a mum is the sweetest experience i had always afraid of. Goodluck darling!!
    Cecy Meshy

  2. ...thank you love, I will try...not quite yet but maybe soon one of these days...and in that case i will be badgering you for more information on your experience...


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