Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seeking Fulfillment...

Fulfillment is more trouble then it is worth. Yet I can't quiet the yearning in my heart to fulfill some dreams, to live out some hope, and ah the things I desire always seem to be just out of reach. My desire is increased when the fulfillment is postponed, my desire to be a better person, my desire to help people, my desire to change the world, my desire to be rich enough so that I don't have to worry about being broke, my desire to be someone someday, my desire to be the person I pretend to be. 

People take different roads in seeking fulfillment, different people yearn for different things and just because they are not on my road doesn't mean that they are lost. Some people like being famous, and don't mind the lack of privacy. Some people want to get to the top fast enough so they don't mind the greasy shortcuts. Some people take advantage of others, they don't mind having no scruples, because to each his own. 

For now I am trying to seek fulfillment in my writing. Trying to believe that I can achieve something through it. Trying to believe that it is good enough. Trying to believe that I inspire someone. Trying to believe that I touch someone. Trying to believe I can paint colorful pictures with simple words. I am waiting for my beginning. 

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