Monday, March 19, 2012

Celebrating L.I.F.E!!!

I am not my mother, I do not have her thoughts and feelings
I am not my father, I do not have his thoughts and feelings,
I am not my teachers, I do not limit myself to what they taught me,
I am not my friends, I will not pretend to understand all they share with me,
I am not limited by my early religious education, I found God in my own time,
I am not here to perfect or meet others expectations, I have my own light to shine,
I don't need to drive myself, everything happens as it should
I don't fear a thing, I am capable of coping with each situation as it unfolds.

I am the centre of my world, I have every right to be here as anybody else
I have total confidence in my own abilities, I have the power to create what I will for myself
I deserve to experience satisfation in my own life, I now settle for what I want not just what I can get. 
I value who I am and what I have to give,  I am an attractive, successful, intuitive, loving and
creative human being, feeling good about myself feels totally safe
I am good, I always get enough, hell I am enough, everything I touch is a success

Because I love myself;
I nourish my body with good food, sleep and exercise,
I provide myself with good experiences,
I create a graceful living space for myself
I love and approve of my body and do only what I enjoy doing,
I allow myself to relax when I need to there is no limit to how good I can feel
I love and approve of myself every moment, I trust myself to be spontaneous and free

Life is good and it gets better everyday
I deserve the best of everything, simply for who I am
I forgive everybody whom I mistakenly thought tried to hurt me
I let go of all limiting or negative ideas that create negative effects in my life
I let go of all resentments, grief and guilt because I am divinely protected
I am grateful for the miracles that happen every day
My future is bright, safe, healthy, prosperous and loving.

God wants me to be happy, and if I surrender to the will of God
I truly believe that the will of God will not take me
where the Grace of God cannot protect me
Because God wants me to be happy;
I accept myself totally from today on, Just as I am
I feel gratitude for my life and for my many blessings,
I am free to live my life as I choose
Whatever we do has a ripple effect, whether win or lose,
we are all part of a Whole, the Universe,
and when we celebrate being alive, the whole existence celebrates with us.

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