Monday, March 5, 2012


My goals need to be higher, my weight needs to be lower,
My stomach need to be flatter and my wallet needs to be fatter.
My skin needs to be fairer and my teeth need to be whiter.
My face needs to be prettier and my hair needs to be longer
My skirt needs to be shorter and my body needs to be hotter,
My boobs need to be bigger and my waist needs to be smaller,
My body needs to be hotter and my image needs to be cooler,
My heart needs to be stronger and my mind needs to be smarter.
Society really knows how to make me feel like shit.

My goals are admirable for me and my weight is deliciously curved,
My stomach is soft for a nap and my wallet is enough for those on the curb,
My skin glows when I am happy and my teeth are perfect for smiling,
My face has subdued beauty and my nappy hair is always curling,
My skirt covers the essentials and my body makes your mind wander,
My boobs are a handful and my waist, well my waist can grind like a blender,
My body is perfect for me and my image is wholesome,
My heart has boundless space and together with my mind can vocalize emotion,
No matter what you say my reality should be, I will always create my own version.

A pretty face doesn't always mean a pretty heart, the prettiest smile can hide the darkest secrets.
The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears, the kindest hearts have felt the most pain,
The flattest stomachs run on deprivation, and the longest hair aint so pretty in the rain.
The skinniest bodies are not beautiful, confidence in any sized body is mesmerizing,
Money makes the world go round, and peace of mind makes the soul soar to higher heights,
What matters most is not what you see, its how it makes you feel in the inside,
You constantly try to bring me down to your level, its clear that you cannot achieve mine,
I will not bow down to your desecrated vision of me, but I will let my light shine,
My good name is all I have in this world, image is a perception of the blind,
If you do not have any role model left for me, I am free mold a fresh design.
I am who I am because I am - that is the way it will be hereon. 

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