Friday, March 30, 2012

A Recipe for Beauty

There is no such thing as an ugly woman - that make up can't fix,
A little bit of powder, a little bit of paint to make a girl's complexion seem what it aint,
you know the saying, the average woman would prefer beauty over brains,
because the average man can see better than he can think.
See a man's face is his autobiography, whereas a woman's face is a work of fiction.
women dress alike all over the world, we dress to annoy other women
so when a woman sits in-front of her mirror, she doesn't spend her whole time
to make her self as advantageously as she really is - nah
but tries to be as much of another creature as she possibly can.
Why we try to do this, how can i possible elaborate? but you can be sure,
the woman who will rise from that mirror will be different to the one who sat down.

Covering a woman's face with makeup isn't like maths or physics,
it comes with easy instructions, if you follow through the results never disappoint,
wash the face, scrubbing it clean with the hair tide back, then proceed to
line a thin coat of base to ensure makeup doesn't seep too deep into the pores,
with a sponge or fingers, apply the foundation to match your skin tone,
until it exactly matches the skin, don't forget the neck, with a brush,
put on the powder, evenly across the face.
Transfer the attention now to the eyes and style them with eye shadows,
eyeliner, mascara, brow definer, eyebrow curlers, to your ultimate satisfaction,
line your lips with lip-liner then continue to spread a lipstick of your choice,
for a more glossy and pouty feel add a long-lasting lipgloss into the mixture,
sprinkle blush onto the apple of the cheeks to give you a healthy glow,
you may use any brands of make up of your choice, mac, chanel, maybelline,
clinique, bobbi brown, jioney, miss rose, mary kay, avon, or imani
then voila you will have a beautiful, dark gorgeous woman radiating with glow,
garnished with equally sophisticated or simple hairstyle,
Thus making you instantly popular and a head-turner if not a traffic-stopper.

This is all good right? After all a woman should be an illusion. Right?
It depends. If the makeup you put on your face defines who you are,
then its time to ditch that recipe and  create your own blend, to be a woman,
a face, naked, minimal makeup, believing that the way you are is beautiful,
and its enough. That the naked face - no matter how beautiful -
is remarkable because it is naked - not because it is beautiful.
"why do women pluck their eye brows and then draw them in pencil?"
one of my friends asks me, and yes its a guy. He continues "why do you
hide away the natural hair and put on weaves that don't match you,
why can't black women embrace their originality, with the nappy hair,
glowing skin, round asses, pouty lips and hips that drive us crazy?"
Why is that not enough? What can I tell him?
When I personally fall victim to the same predicament, you should
see me at a wedding, or a day in the office, or a casual meet and greet,
you may not be able to recognize me, but i do have my down to earth
moments where I go out naturally, nothing to enhance my appearance,
liberated and exhilarated in how I was created, and someone has to
walk up to me and ask me, "are you okay today?"

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