Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Woman's Power

It is very rare to see in a little boy, 
the promise of a young man, 
but one can almost always see the threat of a woman,
in a girl; but shhh don't let them know your power

Sure God created man before woman, 
but then you always make a rough draft, 
before a masterpiece is final, 
please, don't show them the power you wield

Whatever a woman does, she has to ,
do twice as good as a man to,
be considered half as good, and when she 
does, its not considered quite as real power.

A woman is wrong until she cries, then she is right
if women did not exist then all the money,
in the world would have no meaning - 
but no way, that is not real power

Women are never stronger until
they arm themselves with their weakness,
a woman is as bad as she dares, 
that vulnerability obscures great power 

This is an age where competence is a turn-on,
a man wants a woman who can hold her own,
a mother, businesswoman, nurse; part real part illusion,
the real woman's power lies in controlling your confusion

To get a woman's heart, a man must first use his own,
where your heart is where your treasure will be adorned, 
nature has given this woman so much power, 
man-made laws have tried to take it away and devour.  

A woman is the door way,
in which all must pass to enter this world, 
the compass to guide and to protect, 
but shh!!!! she doesn't know her power or her worth. 

Women do rule the world, we haven't
figured it out yet, when we do, we can finally 
embrace our power in all its glory, stand proudly 
and celebrate this international woman's day. 

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