Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Because

Just because I don't care, 
doesn't mean I don't understand.

Just because I laugh a lot, 
does not mean that my life is easy, 

Just because I have a smile 
on my face everyday doesn't mean 
that something is not bothering me.

Just because I haven't talked to you, 
doesn't mean that you are not on my mind.

Just because I failed on one thing, 
doesn't mean I will fail in everything. 

Just because no one saw it, 
doesn't mean it didn't happen. 

Just because things aren't good now, 
doesn't mean they will always be that way. 

Just because this isn't a fairy tale world, 
doesn't mean I can't have a happily ever after. 

I just choose to move and not dwell, 
on all the negative shit in my life.
It's just because I can, therefore I should. 

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