Friday, March 9, 2012

Forgive me Lord

I fall too fast, crash too hard, I scream so much and speak too loud
I give too easy, care too much, and sometimes I am too proud,  
I act too rash, react to fast, I complain too much and I pray just barely, 
Dear Lord, can You please forgive me even when I am not sorry? 

Dear Lord, why is it easier to forgive an enemy than a friend?
can I ever really forgive them if I can't forget their crime?
Memoirs of resentment, retaliant, revenge poisoning me inside
Lord, You want me to forgive them if they are not not sorry?

 Dear Lord, please teach that once I have forgiven my man,
I should not heat his sins for breakfast in the microwave oven,
Forgive me for not knowing how to love him as I should,
Lord, if I could forgive all the people who wronged me i would.

It's not just the other people that I have to forgive my Lord,
Please teach me how to forgive myself, for things I din't do
and things I should have done well. 
So that as I forgive others; You may exonerate me as well.

Those I injure and cannot be compensated when I incur your wrath, 
I need to be healed because when I displease you its me I hurt,
If i kneel before you my Lord, I can stand before any man, 
Dear Lord, please forgive me - for everything I have or haven't done. 


  1. AMEN! Strong . . . as always!!
    May we all be forgiven, most especially in the times we are most sincere.


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