Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office

Politics is not a four-letter word
Trying to avoid office politics is like trying to avoid the weather
Like it or not, it is what it is; politics is how things get done -
Not just in the workplace, government, or proffessional organisations alone,
If you are not involved in office politics, you're not playing the game.
and if you are not playing the game, you cannot possibly win or influence the outcome.

The business of politics is simply the business of relationships,
When you need a relationship, its too late to build it.
To survive you've got to be building relationships,
all the time and with people of all types.
A sucessful workplace relationship is one which you clearly define,
what you have to offer and what the other person can provide,
It happens all the time - without putting a name to it,
Like a relationship with a best friend,  it may never be discussed
but the trade is implicit in the relationship for all to grasp.

Workplace politics are no different; each time you go out of your way
For someone or give them what they need; You have earned a figurative "chip"
That you can later cash in for something you need to necessitate your wish
So the proper way to approach the political situations in the workplace,
is like a negotiation - take time to find out what the other person needs,
what you have to offer, and how to facilitate a win-win situation,
Something in exchange for something else -don't just give in
think about what you want in exchange, don't be afraid to cash in your chips.

When did it get to be so very complicated????
Hard-work, dedication, credentials are not enough to get you promoted.
Being a woman in a male dominated workplace is like being handicapped,
There are many unspoken factors related to how things get done in an office.
If you avoid what you perceive to be a political problem,
people will only go around you - work through political situations,
To allow others to see you as a problem solver - not a problem.
You must uncover the ways to understand the hidden rules that must be followed,
if you are to successfully maneuver through the political terrain of the workplace,
to get you anywhere near the top of the ladder of success. 

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