Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Good Wife, Mother and Friend

I may seem to have no existence apart from through my husband,
I may seem to spend all my time ensuring that he is comfortable,
fed and sexually satisfied, or that maybe I have given up my own ambitions,
or maybe sacrificed my own career so as to be more available to him,
what is wrong with the satisfaction of being a good wife,
for trying to do everything I can for my man?
What is wrong with trying to be a good mother,
for trying to do everything I can for my children?

You may belittle the day to day routine of looking after a home,
the responsibility of motherhood and raising children,
How do you call me nowadays? Just a stay at home mom.
Like there is no easier job in the world than mine.
Try to make that child clean his/her room like you ask them to,
or make them give up their playtime so they can pick the clothes off the floor,
I am just a caregiver, with no breaks, I work full time,
sometime mundane, and depressing work, like cleaning the toilets,
picking up after grown men who misplace ties, food and documents.

My children think I am superwoman, that there is nothing in the world
I cannot do, I used to think that was a childish dream,
but guess what they are right!
I am learning how much patient I am through their endless trials,
how I can accurately time the dinner,laundry, mopping and homework time,
they teach me to practice what I preach and to watch my tongue,
because they quote word to word everything that I shouldn't have said,
they make me understand me beliefs more,
as I try to explain them by answering their many questions,
If I were to quit being a stay at home mom you would need
a few people to fill the void I would leave behind:
a maid, a nurse, a teacher, and a friend.

So, I am content in the heavenly place that I create,
my husband, children knowing exactly what to expect,
I may not know how to be a successful CEO,
but I know to untangle the Christmas lights and where is the lost yo-yo,
It takes hands to build a house but only hearts can build a home,
This home I am a part of is a shelter of storms - all sorts of storms,
That place where you grow up dreaming of leaving it,
and when you grow older you want to move back into it,
the place where when you have to go there they have to take you in,
Between the job, money, fame, success, can you say the same?
That they will always be there when you need a helping hand?

1 comment:

  1. Well...

    Some inspiration/compassion does any heart soo much good!

    The women who stay at home do a lot more than anyone can ever imagine! And their roles are bigger...
    Ever imagine what kinda kids would be growing up if all moms and dads were too busy building their careers... ?


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