Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Music From Broken Chords

This tune is emanating from my soul, is beautiful, beautiful, soulful, rhythmic, hopeful, faithful. It makes you stop, it makes you think. It makes you remember. It makes you forget. This music warms every heart it touches, tickles all the senses and gives imagination wings to soar. This music is mine, orchestrated my fumbling emotions as they seek a way to express feelings into tunes, thoughts into words, words into poetry, poetry into song. This song is about happiness, struggle, tribulation, coupled with lines about sorrow, strength and unyielding will with the bridge of reality persisting to break this song but its music is untouchable. So my instrument gets broken, and I still wield music from the broken chords. 

This music is about daily struggle, the mundane rituals of cleaning, of working, of helping, of listening, of crying, of believing, of lying, of defeating, of trying. Its about being beaten to a pulp by the bully and still finding strength to get up, trying to find the strength to speak up, strength to grow up into nothing like the forces that are determined to drag us down. To grow up into nothing like the leaders who abuse the power we gave them, to be nothing like the society which never accepts you, to be nothing like the family who are not welcoming of your uniqueness, you abilities, dreams and ambitions. 

Write your own music, you are worth the verse, any music - about a boy, about a woman, about politics, about a mother, about hardships and struggles, about hard work and perseverance, about opportunities and success. All this music and songs are flowing inside us like the blood in our arteries. Find your own music, your own song. I am trying to put words into my music, tuning every thought to flow into this keyboard. 

This music isn't about fame, it is not about popular belief, this is not a trending topic, it is not comfortable. Continue practicing turning your head from suffering, from the beggars and the poor, the downtrodden on the floors, the hungry in beautiful clothes, the sadness in majestic homes - nah that ignorance is blissful. This music falls on deaf ears of  senses long ago de-senticised, feelings locked away, humanity depraved, and anarchy and disorder at reign. 

Those who can craft their own tune given birth by their daily struggles; soulful music full of sorrow, happy music dancing with joy, rhythmic music about the strife, ballistic music about death, and all beautiful music take away your breath. Inside each of us is a beat, from a faithful heart, steady breathing from our lungs and silenced voices straining to be heard. Our bodies, our instruments are broken, but believe me when I tell you, you can wield music from your broken chords. 

1 comment:

  1. ooh My! This is one strong piece!

    I was/still am at loss at whats being referred to here, it could be anything i guess... the beauty of metaphor.

    It evokes feelings that are usually burried down deep inside of us. And actually made me remember the millions out there who are less fortunate, physically challenged etc.

    Its an amazing piece! Long, deep, sensual and REAL~!


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