Thursday, November 17, 2011

Because I am a Woman

Because I am a woman, I am your woman, I need you to understand some few things.
You know how I get mad at you and we fight?
Then you ask me what it is that you did, when you have been trying your best to please me,
Sometimes I tell you, sometimes I dont.
At times I feel so guilty that I am trying to change you,
yet I always tell you that I love you just the way you are,
Whilst at the same time I am trying my best to make you better in my eyes,
and I dont bother to ask if you want all the things I want for you.

Because I am your woman, I love you - more than I can tell you
Yet there are times that I hate you so much,
Because I feel that you do not understand me,
You cannot tell how I am feeling or what I am thinking,
So that you can give me what I want.
Then I realise the impossibility of my demands and
your never -ending patience and love.

Because I am your woman, I want you to be psychic,
Accurately read my mind so you can tend to my needs,
Decipher all the unsaid words so you can hear my heart,
and I give you hell when you get it wrong.
How can you possibly get it right, when what was owkay
yesterday is wrong today and dont try it tomorrow.
I realise I have been comparing you to one of my
friends - my girlfriends. They seem to get me to the T!!!

Because I am your woman, I apologize my love.
I am deeply sorry, and from this point forward
I promise to tell you exactly what it is that I want from you,
I will help you by voicing the thoughts running through my mind,
I will learn and try to be more patient,
I realise to make this work, we need to do it as a team,
and I need you to know that we are in this together.
and I love you. 

1 comment:

  1. "And don't forget my love, sometimes i don't even understand what i want. " Because i am a woman, i am allowed to do that!!



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