Thursday, November 24, 2011


When anger is brewing inside me,
all my past sorrows tend to engulf my senses, 
I want to scream, because life is so full of bitterness, 
I am exhausted of trying, of failing before I start, 
I want to curl on on the ground and let it swallow me. 

Then I see a child smiling at me, 
the smile going all the way to her eyes..
I cant help myself, and I find myself smiling with her, 
and she gives me that gurgling sound, of ecstasy; 
its like she knew just what I needed. 

I looked inside myself and willed my heart 
to remove the sorrow from my face, 
to remove the gloom in my eyes, 
to remove the drooping of my head, 
and energize me from inside. 

Laugh - the little voice inside of me said.
Laughter is the best medicine for everything it said, 
even the cloud breaks, and the sun shines after a storm.
As I smiled and willed laughter to come fourth, 
the gloom inside me started to vanish. 

Baby steps, smiling, twirling into a laugh, 
as I laughed at myself, the stupid things I do, 
my jaws and my rib hurt, and tears started to run, 
Isn't it funny? how laughter is like crying without the pain. 

So I finally found my recipe for happiness, 
smile - laughter - gratitude. 
Smiling is infectious, I will give it out to any who needs it.
Laughter is best for everything - I will laugh for me.
Gratitude for all the blessing bestowed on me. I will exalt Him. 

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