Thursday, November 3, 2011


You, enchanted my world;Breathtaking vision,
Astonishing world where dreams and reality are in fusion
Infatuation, with a craze of passion,
A pinch of liquid fixation,
Added enthrallment and captivation,
Turned into my obsession;
To the exquisite feel of your magical touch,
When you touch my lips, and enter my body.

I gotta extricate myself, from the web of your compulsion,
The dependence to your fascination, 
Literally breathtaking addiction, 
Luring me to the end of reason.

I don’t wanna lose your motivation,
I adore your need for my no-objection,
I taste you, when I breathe your intention,
You take advantage of the fact that
I love you beyond reason,
And I need no persuasion.

I hate You, invader of my concentration,
That without You I cannot function,
I need rehab to get rid of your domination,
The strength and willpower to your expulsion,
And completely erase You out of my system.

You know exactly how to execute your mission,
You sneak into my arms with beckoning compulsion,
You appeal to my dehydration;
“Just one more sip”.

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