Monday, November 28, 2011

What is Ugly?

What is ugly?
Not having designer clothes?
Not having your boobs out of your shirt?
or your ass hanging out of your shorts?
or not being able to see your ribs?
having acne?
not wearing makeup?
is that what ugly is?
maybe another word for ugly is "society".

They tell you that by definition ugly is:
not good enough,
in short: 
Ugly is YOU.
about you. 

So hey,
stop being unhappy with yourself,
stop trying to be perfect, 
you already are, 
stop listening to them,
the cowards,
if you were meant to be like them, 
you would have been wired that way, 
stop wishing you looked like someone else,
stop hating your body, 
your face, 
your quirks, 
your personality, 
without that, you wouldn't be you. 
why would you want to be them anyway?

 I don't care, 
yes, to them I am ugly, 
but who cares what they think?
I am not listening to them anymore, 
never did anyway, why start now?
my happiness doesn't depend on their acceptance of 
who i should be, 
they don't like me?
that's cool, 
I don't wake up everyday to impress em anyway!!!
i am happy because i love me, 
i love my flaws, they make me human,
my flabby arms, 
my hanging belly, 
my loud mouth, 
my random outbursts, 
i love my imperfections, 
they make me - "me"
and me is pretty amazing. 


  1. Thank you for this post, it's like u were talking to me.. I feel much better about myself after reading this..

  2. are welcome...and I am glad I could be of help :)


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