Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The world is filled with despair
there is pain and suffering everywhere, 
the cost of living is always going higher 
and the poor are always getting poorer. 

There are wars the world over, 
Mankind are fighting each other, 
which race is superior, 
which knowledge is better

We are out seeking better ways 
to kill each other, 
to harm one another, 
to wipe out everything, 
that means anything. 

We have given up our freedom, 
Handed over our voice 
to the big men with shallow characters
and throwaway morality

We have allowed -
the voiceless to be silenced, 
the poor to be improvished 
the hungry to be famished
the souls to be polluted

Somewhere in all of this 
we need to:
 find hope, 
stop cursing the darkness 
provide some light
we need to find our faith in the unseen. 

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