Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Miss Perfect

She is obsessed with her image
Efficient, punctual and helpful, 
she doesn't tend to make waves, 
and is in fact a model employee! 
Conscientious, she never misses a deadline 
and always respect her obligations. 
She's a gem for her company, 

She is in her ideal working environment
Because she's often far too discreet, 
it goes without saying that the larger the working environment, 
the more "invisible" she will be to her superiors.

She doesn't realise she is limiting herself,
She's so low profile that she can easily get forgotten about:
Nothing will get better because she never makes any demands. 
She's  also at risk of being left on the sidelines 
by colleagues who don't entrust her with anything. 
She's often the last to know about changes 
within the company and therefore unable to plan ahead.

So gurl, listen to me, 
Listen to the voice inside of you, 
which wants to know why?
Why do you always keep quiet: 
fear of upsetting someone? 
worried about getting involved emotionally? 

Stop being so overdramatic! 
It's not through expressing yourself that the company 
or its staff are going to ostracise you. 
Learn the basic rules of workplace survival. 
Force yourself to say something in meetings 
so that people can see your efforts and qualities.
 Benefit from the many compliments that people give you
 in order to ask for the things that you'd like, . 
And make yourself heard when things aren't as you'd like them to be.

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