Friday, November 25, 2011


i blew at my cup, tryna cool my steaming icecream,
while i was lost in thought as i sat at the corner of a round table,
staring back at the blind man who stared back at me funny,
hearing his deaf friend complain about the noise of traffic,
i had to get up, out of that place,
my skin was already getting goosebumps from the heat,
besides, i was already late for the next day's meeting,
so i boarded a bus at the smelly train station,
which took me to where i was going,
turned back and returned me to where i had been.

only to realise the round table i had sat on was actually square,
and the blind man really had no eyesight there,
his deaf friend couldn't hear
and his soundless world was the reason for all of his wrinkles of fear.
my skin had actually darkened from the heat,
and it was hours till my sister and i had to meet,
i walked past the bus top which was above the train station,
turned around in subconscious confusion,
knowing that if my day wasn't right from where i'd chose to start it,
i'd have to go back to where it started,
and ask myself some hard questions,
being the only way i could learn life's most difficult lessons.

was it possible?
a round table could actually have a corner if you wanted it to?
just because people were living in this round world,
but constantly being pushed off its edges?
could the blind man see because
he was the only one who knew the meaning of love at first sight?
because its only him who realised that its not about what's on top
its about what's inside?
could my deaf man hear oh so very well?
as actions will always say it louder than words could ever tell?
and could tomorrow work out if i prepared for it today?
and stop being fools to think it would sort itself out in its own way?
then i realised that life is just how you see it,
made by how you make it,
and justified by how you justify it.

so i'm happy that i managed to write you some theoretical stories,
to bring you a little closer to my madness,
and i'm sure after managing to read all these line you've gotten used ,
to the fact that i'm just confused. :-)

Tunumariya Yongolo

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