Thursday, November 24, 2011

Moving on

This is another random pouring of thoughts stemming from a simple line, that trying to forget someone you loved is like trying to remember someone you never knew. Let's face it; it is very true. We all have our sob stories, the people who hurt us, broke our hearts and shattered them into tiny little pieces that it took God awhile to find all of them and make our hearts whole again. Yet, the aftermath is always there, the experience always affects your outlook on life - whether good or bad is up to you.

Yet when you sit with yourself, and can see through your own pain, and be honest with yourself, you start realising the part you played that led to the ultimate finale. As you focus on the images differently, you appreciate the good, the really good times. They were tainted before, and you had been looking at them from the wrong end of the telescope, yet when you have all your wits about you, you will admit it to yourself that you cannot ever forget someone who managed to make you move from yourself and love him/her. You cannot forget the feelings and how it made you feel. If you are smart enough, you raise the bar higher for the next person that you will give your heart to.

So, when the current man/woman/friend in your life asks you if you have gotten over the other person, the answer is ofcourse YES. If they were to go further and ask you if have forgotten them, an honest answer is always NO. Because there will always be memories, and you never know when something might jolt them from the subconscious to the present moment. If the love was real, even for a moment, you will never forget it - and I am not sure that you should even be trying to. 


  1. And what tortures the most is that, at some point, you thought/felt it was you who was the difficult one.. so this specific time, you thought to yourself: let me give this my best shot: and then, there he comes, taking your heart and shattering it into pieces that you sit and wonder, will i ever be able to find and re-assemble all these pieces? But then, you remember all those that you have been through and say, why not?

    I always remember him, the laugh, the look, the talk, quality time spent... and Yes, i will never truly forget him, however much i put my energy to it... it will forever remain in the closet.. in that part of the heart..

  2. ...whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...


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