Monday, November 21, 2011


The beach has always been a place where my mind rejuvenates, my heart calms down and reflects on the many issues that seem to plague it. I love the music of the waves as they hit on the sand, rhythmic, constant yet vibrant, can be angry, peaceful,  or not there at all. I feel at peace on the beach and it dawns on me that I am a small speckle in the big universe, and that makes me feel powerful. That I matter. That in all the beautiful things that were created I am one of them.

I live in an island, Zanzibar Island in East Africa. Many people associate it with exotic beaches, spice island, a historical town acclaimed by UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Yet I just call this place home, a small town in the sea, surrounded by water, where the majority do not know how to swim. It is the way it is.

I am grateful that everyday the sun shines on me, to bring me hope for a new day, green is everywhere and the sun sets with purple, orange and mirage of colors all to make way for a glistening moon that shines just for me. Because those things are always there for me, there is comfort in them, yet I stop noticing them in a while - but not the sea. The sea cleanses my mind, heart, body and soul. I have to search it, find that spot that makes me feel at home while wonder along the different avenues in my mind. When I leave, I am a new person, I have acquired a new perspective, and I am at my happy place.

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