Monday, November 21, 2011

Fallen, broken

I am a fallen Angel

When do I stop? When does anyone ever stop? Are we ever satisfied with our lives at any given moment? We tend to have this urge to be better, to be more, to demand for more and the moment we get what we want - we tend to set our goals to other heights. 

I write this because have you realised that when you are single, people ask about a girlfriend or boyfriend. When you have a fiancee they ask about a wedding. When you get married, they ask when you will have a baby? When you have a child, they ask when a little brother or sister is coming? When you have another one, they ask why you are having all this children? When you get divorced, they ask why? If you moved on, they ask why so quickly? When you choose a career over marriage, they tell you time is running out and you cannot do it all??

Will they ever stop??? Will people ever let you be? So you can live your life according to how you want it to be? Personally I am choosing to stop caring what they say about me, about my life. Because people will never stop talking. Where they are laughing at me because I am different, I am laughing at them because they are all the same. I am me, and I am doing me. I don't give a sugar honey iced tea about what they say. It is my life, only I should have the final word in how to live it. 

I love my life, I want to appreciate each moment, be it good or bad, I want to bask in remembrance, that I am here, and so God has a plan for me, and for that to work out - He needs me to always bring my A - Z game. He will supply the rest. So I may be broken right now - but I will heal. 

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